Are Bosley Patients Happy With Their Hair Transplant Surgery?

Are Bosley Patients Happy with Their Hair Transplant Surgery?


Frederick Jenkins

Bosley is well-known for being one of the leading experts in the hair restoration industry. Given the reputation Bosley has earned within the industry coupled with the years of experience Bosley physicians bring with them, there are many reasons to trust Bosley with your hair restoration needs. Still, before you decide whether or not Bosley is right for you, it is only natural to wonder whether or not people who have done Bosley are happy with the results of their hair transplant surgery.

The Proof is in the Pictures


When it comes to determining whether or not people have been happy with the results of their hair transplant surgery, the proof can be seen in the pictures. Not only do Bosley s before and after pictures show a striking difference in the way their client s look, but you can also see the change in demeanor and attitude. In almost all of the before and after pictures, clients clearly appear happier and more self-assured after undergoing their transplant.

Hear it in Their Own Words

In addition to offering hundreds of before and after pictures for you to see, Bosley also has plenty of testimonials from satisfied clients. You can even choose to email some of Bosley s clients to ask them about their personal experiences. By emailing Bosley clients, you can learn more about how satisfied their clients are with the results while also asking questions from a patient point of view. The feedback you receive from real clients who have been through the hair transplant process can prove to be invaluable when it comes to deciding whether or not a Bosley hair transplant is right for you.

Enjoy Long-Lasting, Natural Results

When it comes down to it, it is easy to understand why so many Bosley clients are thrilled with the results. Since the hairs used in the transplant procedure are ones that come from your head, you can count on them to be a perfect match in terms of thickness, color and texture. Furthermore, the donor follicles are gathered from the back of your head, where the hairs are usually genetically-programmed to be long-lasting. These follicles maintain their genetic programming even after being moved to a new location, which means you enjoy long-lasting results. Even better, you do not need to do anything special to maintain your new look. Simply wash, style and enjoy having a fuller head of hair!

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Are Bosley Patients Happy with Their Hair Transplant Surgery?