Make This Valentine S Day One He Won T Forget

Submitted by: Karla Gae Pascua

Every Valentine s Day, couples all over the world are busy concocting romantic gimmicks. Well, for the ladies out there, your significant other will always remember your Heart s Day together or any other special occasion if you give him the perfect gift that he s sure to treasure forever.

Sure it can be difficult to pinpoint what your man would appreciate the most but try to remember what he checks out when you go malling and you can t go wrong. Consider buying him silk boxers or a nice watch, leather wallet or cologne. If he s your typical yuppie in the corporate scene, you might bear in mind cufflinks, a leather briefcase, an engraved money clip or a sleek pen that will remind him of you with every use.


If he s into sports, invest in jerseys or ballcaps of his fave sports team or shop for collectible sports memorabilia. If you can wing it, front row tickets to a PBA game would be much appreciated. Of course you might have to spring for an extra one for a close pal for that ultimate male bonding at the courtside. Sorry, but we all know how guys are when it comes to sports.

Should your man be the outdoors buff, a complete Swiss army knife or pocket survival tool might be the way to go. Other gift ideas are a year s subscription to his favorite magazine, a box of his preferred cigars/cigarettes or a couple of CDs or VCDs you can both enjoy.

Once you ve picked out his gift, your next task is prepping for your much anticipated dinner date. It goes without saying that this special date will require you to wear your most attractive attire. It might be a good idea to buy a new dress preferably in the tones or colors he likes seeing you in. Keep the accessories to a minimum and go for stud earrings. Shoes are a big deal; opt for a pair that not only goes with your ensemble, but those that are comfy as well.

Okay, now that clothes, accessories, jewelry and shoes are out of the way, next up: the face that will launch a thousand ships or in this case, one that will get a wow! out of your man. If you aren t very fond of make-up, concentrate instead on caring for the skin so that it won t need to be covered by cosmetics.

Great skin coupled with a smashing dress and a smartly-wrapped gift, you re sure to make your mate s Valentine s a truly memorable one! Happy Heart s Day!

About the Author: Karla Gae L. Pascua is a senior copywriter at Agatep Associates, Inc., one of the country’s leading public relations agencies. Pascua has been writing professionally for over a decade, seven years of which were under the stewardship of the industry’s acknowledged father of public relations, former UST professor, and journalism textbook author, Charlie Agatep.


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Second Marriage Wedding Dress And Etiquette}

Submitted by: Jean Bachcroft

Just as with your first marriage, your second marriage is a new beginning with your fiance. So it makes sense that many of the traditional rituals and rules of etiquette apply. But which ones?

There is no reason why you should not register for gifts, have a shower, or wear a white, full-length gown at the altar. Whether or not you will choose any of these options is now considered strictly a matter of personal preference dictated by your style.

Charting a new course

When it comes to the ceremony, one of the questions that experienced brides-to-be frequently ask themselves is “Do I really want to do everything the same or do something completely different?” If you were married in a civil ceremony the first time, maybe its time to consider a church ceremony, complete with flower girls, a ring bearer, and attendants.

Because you are certainly all-grown-up now, this is your chance to plan your wedding exactly the way you want it to be, without any unnecessary consideration for the wishes of parents. However, you will want to discuss your feeling and carry out the planning with the groom.


On the other hand, if the formality and style of your first wedding did suite your taste, you should feel free to repeat those elements. Nevertheless, since this is a time to look toward the future, rather than returning to the past, dont get bogged down with history. Using the same reception site or adding the same personal touches would be in poor taste, so should be avoided.

Large ceremony or small

The size of your wedding party, as well as the number of guests you will invite, is entirely up to you. With regard to the ceremony itself, the rules of etiquette would be the same as if you were marrying for the first time.

If you are planning to invite more than 50 guests, arrange to have attendants (groomsmen or ushers) on hand. If at all possible, you will want to have one attendant for every 50 guests.

And Jenny makes three

Children of the bride and/or groom are often a part of second marriages. If either of you has children, invite them to participate in the ceremony.

Teens make nice junior ushers and junior bridesmaids. Very young daughters can, of course, be flower girls, and little boys, ring bearers or pages. Conversely, if the ceremony is to be small or the ages of the children would make them unsuitable for these roles, you might simply ask them to accompany you down the isle, or meet you at the altar.

Children do not always welcome the opportunity to participate in wedding ceremonies. If you children seem unwilling to play a role in the ceremony, you should respect their feelings.

Incidentally, if you share custody with your ex-husband, let him know about plans to include your children in the ceremony.

Inviting your ex-husband and former in-laws

If you and your former in-laws are still on good terms, you may want to invite them. However, you are under no obligation to do so. Consider this as nothing more than a formality since they would not be expected to accept.

Rarely would an ex-spouse be invited to the ceremony, even if the two of you have remained friends. Think about it. Inviting your ex-spouse to the ceremony leaves him with only two choices, neither of which would be welcomed: accepting and feeling bad or declining and looking bad.

A more sensible and considerate approach would be to invite him to a private dinner, perhaps at your home, after the ceremony and honeymoon.

Copyright 2005

About the Author: Jean Bachcroft is a former public relations director, the founder of Bachcroft and Aloha Labels, and the publisher and editor-in-chief of Town and Country Shopping Bargains Magazine. For designer wedding, holiday, and year-round mailing and return address labels, visit Bachcroft Mailing and Return Address Labels and Aloha Return Address Labels For bargains and bargain shopping articles, visit Town and Country Shopping Bargains.


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China; An Ally For The Budding Business?

Submitted by: Muneer Al-Busaidi

With all the recent unfavored public relations with regards to China you will be forgiven for thinking that this would lead to a decline in businesses seeking to venture out and globalize using the assistance of the government and its favorable economical climate. Quite the contrary is apparent however, despite the cries of various groups, many businesses from small to large including your average home based business are lining up to fill out the necessary forms in order to initiate the start of their business relationships with China.

Many would say that it is possible they are hoping to get an advantage over their competitors or possibly benefit from businesses shying away from the negative publicity and that would possibly pull out of the Chinese market in order to reestablish themselves in America or to explore other third world countries, where labor costs are found to be extremely low cost and governmental buerocracy can be somewhat circumvented using a bit of palm grease.


There are not many that doubt the economy of China will not only persevere through the recall related backlash but actually flourish! This is likely to create a new middle class hungry for products and services that many of the consumers in the United States take for granted but which until fairly recently were thought of a luxuries in China – more often than not, unattainable to the everyday citizen. This is especially true with the younger generation of consumers now hungering for those products offered by foreign companies. Companies that have decided to relocate manufacturing venues offshore have realized that they can save even more money on import tarrifs by selling off its products to locals which also turns them a good profit.

If you feel that as a company you are ready to take that step over the seas and into China, it is imperative to do your research prior to your move! Being a small company will have its advantages in terms of rapid decisions without the need for the approval of shareholders and voting processes. In addition to this, the lack of governmental regulations that befall American companies in order to protect the workers and environment can be an advantage. Nonetheless be aware that you be the subject of extreme scrutiny when considering the tax obligations your business would have. The IRS in America may be known for its tenacity when it comes to the tax process, however they have much to learn from their Chinese counterparts whom are extremely ruthless when it comes to collecting business taxes due to be paid to them.

Understanding all requirements such as tax codes and what is expected of you from the Chinese authorities would only serve to ease the way allowing you to avoid overpaying and fall into the pitfalls that less researched businesses have succumb to. Let us not forget adherence to regulations and laws put in place by those in power. This will explain the reason many overseas businesses coming into the country choose a Chinese counterpart that can handle this aspect of things effectively for them. Therefore despite the seemingly welcome environment for a business, not realizing the reality of seeking local assistance can slow down your seemingly well oiled machine and grind your ambitions to an unhealthy pace.

About the Author: Muneer Al-Busaidi is a successful internet marketer and has found success with Success University. Learn more about this AS SEEN ON TV opportunity and development program by visiting:

Success Unversity Home Business


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When Debt Collectors Cross The Line Bogus Threats &Amp; Illegal Collection Tactics

By Charles Phelan

If you are behind on your bills and on the receiving end of collection phone calls, you will probably hear collectors make some very threatening statements. While most debt collection professionals try to stay within the boundaries defined by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), many others cross the line on a regular basis. Last year, the Federal Trade Commission ( received more than 58,000 complaints about debt collectors, a figure which represents 17% of the total number of complaints received by the FTC. Consumers complain about the collection industry more than most other industries combined.

Collection professionals would probably respond that the enormous size of the industry and the sheer volume of collection activity accounts for the large number of complaints. However, only a small percentage of violations are actually reported by consumers, so the data collected by the FTC represents only a tiny fraction of the true scope of the problem. Even so, a pattern of abusive and illegal collection activity has been well-documented by the FTC, and it is getting worse instead of better.

Here are some common threats made by debt collectors:

“We’re going to take your house unless you pay this bill immediately.” This is a bogus threat. Unless the debt being collected is secured by the house in question (i.e., a mortgage or home equity loan), the creditor does not have the power to take your house away from you.


“If you don’t pay this bill today, we’re going to have a warrant issued for your arrest.” Nonsense. Failure to pay a debt is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. Threatening a debtor with jail time or accusing them of committing a crime is totally against the rules.

“We don’t care that you sent a cease communication notice. We’re going to call you anyway.” The FDCPA gives you the right to terminate contact efforts by a debt collector. Failure to respect a cease communication notice is a clear violation of Federal law.

“We’re going to garnish your wages to recover this debt.” A collector can only threaten action it has the legal authority to take, and the vast majority of collection agencies have zero legal authority. Your wages can only be garnished by a creditor after they have won a judgment against you in a lawsuit.

“We know where you live, so you better pay up.” Yes, threats of violence still happen in this industry. Nearly 300 complaints against collectors received by the FTC last year cited the threat of violence as the cause of the complaint. This is absolutely illegal.

Aside from the usual bogus threats, collectors also use other tactics that are illegal. For example, discussing your debt with a third party is a clear violation of the FDCPA. Yet collectors routinely call neighbors, relatives, and employers to obtain information on debtors. So long as the collector does not discuss the actual matter of the debt, they still have their toes on the right side of the line. But as soon as they mention or even hint that they are calling about a debt, they have crossed the line.

Since many debtors have taken to screening their phone calls at home to cut down on the relentless barrage, debt collectors frequently call at work when they can obtain an office number. In theory, a consumer can get the collector to stop calling at the office simply by stating that they are not allowed to receive personal phone calls at work. That puts the collector on notice that such activity constitutes interference with the consumer’s employment, which is not permitted. In practice, however, collectors routinely ignore this rule and continue to call at work.

There are many other techniques of harassment and intimidation that cross the line from permissible to impermissible collection activity. Use of obscene or profane language, shouting, constant and unrelenting telephone calls, failure to respond to written disputes, and publication of debtor information all constitute illegal activity as defined by the FDCPA.

So if you are on the receiving end of illegal collection actions, what can you do to protect yourself? First and foremost, it’s important to know and understand your rights as a consumer. A description of your rights under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act may be obtained directly from the FTC (

If you believe that a collector has violated your rights in their attempt to collect from you, then you should not hesitate to file formal complaints with the Attorney General for your state ( as well as the Federal Trade Commission. If enough complaints are received about a particular collector, then these authorities are empowered to bring an enforcement action against them, which may result in expensive fines that will make the agency or collector think twice about using such tactics in the future. You also have the right to bring a lawsuit yourself against a collector that harasses or abuses you, or otherwise violates your rights under the law.

One final point. The FDCPA technically only applies to third-party debt collectors, which includes collection agencies and collection attorneys. It does not apply to the original creditor when collecting their own debt. For example, if you borrow money from a bank, the bank is not regulated by the FDCPA. However, numerous other public laws protect consumers from deceptive or abusive collection practices even by original creditors, and many states also have laws that parallel the FDCPA but go further and include original creditors in the definition of debt collector. So if an original creditor is harassing you or has crossed the line, you should still file a complaint with your state’s Attorney General as well as the FTC. If a clear pattern of abuse emerges, the original creditor can be charged with unfair or deceptive acts or practices, either under state law or under the FTC Act that governs conduct of commerce in our country.

To sum up, if you are on the receiving end of collection harassment, don’t just take it. Educate yourself on your rights as a consumer, vigorously dispute debts that you don’t believe you owe, and take action yourself in the form of complaints to your Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission. By standing up for your rights, you can put a stop to bogus threats and illegal collection tactics.

About the Author: Charles Phelan has been helping consumers become debt-free without bankruptcy since 1997. A former executive at a large national debt settlement firm, he created the Debt Elimination Success Seminar, an audio-CD course that teaches consumers do-it-yourself debt negotiation.


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Quanzhou Yu Garden Tea For Two Consecutive Years Failed Quality Check

By Himfr Tian

March 25, Fujian Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision formal exposure to the community in 2008, 2009, two consecutive years of unqualified product quality supervision and spot checks of 28 companies and their products “black list”, Yu Garden, Quanzhou, Fujian tea industry Limited-ups. This report caused public concern, we all know, Yu Garden tea industry is in Quanzhou, a certain well-known tea brands, repeated exposure quality, brand image for its negative effects can be imagined. And another less than a month is listed in the peak spring and such a time node, the emergence of such an event seems extremely sensitive.

“3.15” Consumer Protection, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quality Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province, product quality supervision and spot checks carried out. Recently, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision formal exposure to all sectors of society in 2008, for two consecutive years 2009, failed quality supervision and spot checks of 28 companies and their products “blacklist”, and guide consumers to purchase, which, Quanzhou, Fujian Province Yue Yuen Tea Co., Ltd. has entered a “blacklist.”

In order to restore the truth as far as possible, a few days ago, reporters connect the phone, general manager Yu Jui tea garden management, he said, occurred in 08,09 years of unqualified products after checking the company to respond quickly and immediately organized Products to supplement inspection and review carried out by product quality have been completed qualified. The products have all failed before the next frame processing. The reason for this phenomenon, Jui tube that is mainly because there are more than a month away from spring and the time listed on the market than the shortage of tea in the tea growers during the company will carry out a number of replenishment, the middle guard is not there serious phenomenon, which led to a number of cases of excessive pesticide residues in tea. Company said the acquisition in the future production process will be strict checks to ensure product quality, the consumer is responsible.


Twice tested positive for the quality, Yu Garden Tea Company is clearly aware of the business development process in a more profound contradictions are prominent psychological palpable urgency to solve the problem. However, this problem has been detected pesticide residues are low in the industry seems wrong, a brand the company should not be repeat offenders repeatedly wrong.

General Manager of Hua Hong Tea Anxi high water governance that currently a lot of tea, check prices on the tea quality is controlled from the terminal, which is testing the acquisition Maocha later. And if the real source for checking in, you can save a lot of unnecessary testing out the middle part.

In fact, in order to solve the problem pesticide residues in tea, Anxi county government in recent years a number of supporting policies to encourage enterprises to establish tea ecological tea production base, to promote tea production traceability system to help merchants prevent pesticide problems, due to policy guidance and tea enterprise wide attention, the problem pesticide residues in tea have been extensively checked, and a few operational issues due to their own brands, so far still can not eradicate.

“Moral sense of business and the continued survival of consciousness should be further strengthened, in particular the history of this Tieguanyin facing development opportunities, the major tea brands are mustering the strength waiting for an opportunity to enhance industry image, in this critical time, must not be lost because of small large. “Huaxiang Court Industries Limited and Chairman Xiao Wenhua said so.

About the Author: I am a professional editor from China Products, and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. contain a great deal of information about oolong tea diet,travel iron steam,airbrushed air force ones, welcome to visit!


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Better Sensual Activity Through Olfactory Enhancements}

Submitted by: J Dugan

Men in search of tips for better sensual activity are willing to go to all sorts of outrageous lengths for one simple reason: Better sensual activity is just that good! But its entirely possible that many men are overlooking an option right under their noses quite literally. Yes, considering the use of olfactory enhancements in the sensual experience (especially combined with attention to excellent good male organ care) can often lead to even better sensual activity.

Olfactory enhancements

Olfactory enhancements is a fancy way of saying Dont neglect the power of the sense of smell to add spice to the sensual experience. Most people already know the power of other senses in sensual play. The sense of touch is quite obvious, whether its fingers brushing the member or the feel of the manhood enveloped by the female organ. Taste comes very much into play with kissing, and the sound of mood music is often an exciting enticement. And any man who has ever perked up at the mere sight of a beautiful woman passing by knows how important the visual element can be.

But the sense of smell doesnt tend to get as much play as it deserves. Sure, a man will splash on some aftershave or a woman will carefully apply some perfume, to good effect. But smell more often is remembered when it carries a negative connotation, such as a person with body odor or bad breath.


But the fact is that paying attention to using scents and aromas can positively enhance a couples bedroom play.


So what should a man do if he wants to use olfactory enhancements in his coupling? A few hints are:

1.Consider the other person. Every person is different with different preferences and what may be pleasant or alluring to one man might be off-putting to his partner (and vice versa). A guy may like the smell of roses, but if his partner has a flower allergy, filling the bedroom with roses may be a bad idea. Or one person may find a particular cologne enticing while another wrinkles her nose up at it. Take the time to find out what scents work for ones partner and dont be afraid to simply ask them.

2.Research. Many sites offer suggestions about aromas that are supposed to intensify the intimate experience. For example, vanilla, cinnamon and jasmine are frequently cited as aromas that can help get the sensual motors running. Strike off the list those items that you already know dont appeal to you and/or to your partner. Then figure out the ones that you most want to try out with your mate.

3.Start slow. A few spritzes of a special mixture of scents is a better place to start than pouring half a bottle onto the bedsheets. Scents can linger and be hard to get rid of, so starting out too strong can lead you down an unprofitable road.

4.Expand. When you find something that works, find different ways to disseminate the scent. Vanilla, for example, can be used through baked goods, dabbed behind the ears, scented in sheets or released through burning a candle.

Olfactory enhancements are just one of the tips for better sensual activity, but its up to the man to keep his male organ healthy so he can better enjoy that sensual activity. Regular application of a top drawer male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is an excellent way to maintain that health. Since the olfactory angle is being explored, be sure the crme includes vitamin A, which has powerful antibacterial properties that fight nasty male organ odor. Any crme worth its salt will also include L-arginine, an amino acid. It plays a crucial role in the process by which manhood blood vessels dilate and become receptive to increased blood flow.

About the Author: Visit

for more information about treating common male organ health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of male organ sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.


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Enhance Cv With Master In Marketing}

Submitted by: Marketing Pod

Since the competition has been accelerated in the market, the demand of marketing expert has also increased. Seeing the demand of the professional marketer, numerous business colleges are mushrooming in different corners of the world to fill the designations of marketing professionals in various companies. Marketing has become one of most demanding, lucrative, and rewarding career of todays times. Considering the growth marketing career offers, more and more students are opting for masters in marketing course for themselves after graduation. The postgraduate course in marketing is those students who desire to get additional knowledge and information for business. The marketing course is all about the tactics and strategies a marketer uses to pursue prospective clients with the help of his personal strategies, advertisement, and public relations. For instance, a business course includes advanced marketing theories and strategic marketing and planning ideologies for specific business modules.

To enrol for the marketing course, a student requires a bachelor degree; however, this can be in any discipline and does not necessarily have to be in business and marketing. Most of the people are opting for MBA in marketing course for advanced of their career. As per the current scenario, the competition for top positions and best jobs has become fierce than ever. Having a post graduation degree in marketing makes a CV of job candidate special and adds a great worth to it. To grow in a career it is important for a person to choose the right course himself. He should be cleared enough about what he wants to achieve after completing the course. Once the objective of doing the course has been set, then he must select the appropriate mode of doing the course. There are several colleges and universities offering regular, distance learning, and online course facilities for completing a range of degree, certification, diploma, courses.


A student must see the position and standard of an institute before enrolling for the course. There are colleges that offer seat in their university after completing bachelor degree, however the some institutes that demand two years job experience in order to take admission in master in business. A student can select from various interests such as financial management, hospitality and tourism, international management, logistics, marketing, business administration, technology management, information services, etc. to complete degree in masters in business administration. The course will not only give boost the rsum of a person but improve his managerial and leadership skills as well.

Corporate life has become so fast that everyone wants to progress in fast manner, especially after the globalisation and advent of internet. To facilitate the requirement of individual regarding progress in corporate world, many online courses have been introduced by the colleges and universities of Ireland that help students as well as professionals to understand the complexities and requirement of management. To maintain with the pace of ever changing management environment in the company managers and executives enrol themselves for online management masters degree. The course not only helps to managers to understand their management in proper way, it also teaches how to implement plan strategically so that it can produce better result at the end.

About the Author: The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at

to know more about Masters in marketing, MBA, Master in business.


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