Deemed University Destination To Complete Education!

Deemed University- Destination To Complete Education!


Suresh Kumar Arora

Today, India has been making remarkable and fast progress in the education sector since independence. Country has been well-known around the world for producing the high-quality and best talent in the fields of engineering, medical, astronomy, economics, physics and many more. And the credit goes to the largest educational system that India has which includes 43 central universities, 285 state universities, 129 deemed universities, 106 private universities with other 16000 colleges functioning in different parts of the country. Lakh of students enrolled with these colleges are getting higher educations.


Deemed university is a honour or prestige granted to high performing educational institutions and colleges affiliated to different educational body in India. An institution to be recommended Deemed, is granted by Department of Higher Education and Ministry of HRD, on the suggestion of the University Grants Commission of India, under the UGC Act of 1956. Being a Deemed university, an educational institution is liable to design their own academic syllabus, courses and research work. They also have the right to set its own guidelines regarding admission procedures and fees structure. The entire educational system is monitored by UGC allowing some to even grant degrees on this own name on the basis of the college performance.

When a college gets is honoured by deemed status, it can able to set its own educational curriculum, prices, and types of study without reference to the department or universities with which it has share affiliation. The major advantage of studying in a deemed university is that one can able to get complete education whether it is graduation or post-graduation or in any of the subject he/she likes. As per the UGC norms some qualifications supposedly met by a college to be deemed is that it has existed for at least 10 years, has a commitment to research and innovation, and that it is financially sound. If these institutions continue to perform well, they eventually get the status of a full- fledged university by University Grant Commission.

But some years ago the department of higher education in India heard people’s worries and complaints about the poor educational standards of some of the deemed universities as they weren’t pursuing old academic standards. On January 2010, Ministry of HRD, India has de-recognized as many as 44 Deemed University due to mismanagement found in their educational structure. The review committee found unacceptable management architecture and families rather than professional academics controlled the functioning of these institutions. Most of the offering post-graduate and undergraduate courses even failing to maintain their high standard of academic excellence. In spite of UGC guidelines, colleges are fragmented with concocted nomenclatures and seats disproportionately increased beyond the actual intake capacity.

Hence, always choose the UGC recognized universities for good and higher education and thus it is advisable that one should do a proper research on Internet before joining any institution. Always join an institute that believes in quality learning and it can provide you the gateway to a great career.

Suresh Arora provides correct and complete information about recognized and

fake universities

in India, their accredation details and

private universities

that are trusted and approved by education ministry of India.

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Drive Time Verses J.D. Byrider: Can You Really Buy A Car If You Have Bad Credit?}

Submitted by: Life Works

On 7/28/2015 my wife Catherine went car hunting. That can be a frustrating experience when you have way less than perfect credit and a small down payment. If you believe all those bad credit, no problem ads I guess you might think purchasing a vehicle is just a walk in the park… Well, guess again! We live in the Indianapolis area so we decided that Cathie should check out two auto dealers that were recommended to us by a number of people and advertise those claims of helping people with bad credit: DriveTime and J.D. Byrider.

My wifes first stop was the J.D.Byrider location on West 38th Street in Indy. They only had around twenty cars to choose from (give or take a few), but I guess that beggars cannot be choosers and having been pre-approved online for a vehicle we figured that we had nothing to lose by having Cathie start there. Our hope was that this would be our first and last stop, but that was not to be. With no explanation of why we had been approved for a car online and had to apply again in person, my wife filled out the paperwork and wait patiently for an answer. She was sure she would be approved since the person who recommended them to her had worst credit than we did and made less money.

After what seemed like forever Cathie was taken to see someone who confronted her in a less than kind way about her bad credit. Well, excuse us! I got very sick in 2006 and ever since then have not been able to work. Having been the primary bread winner, well, you get the idea. Catherine has done her best to make us for the shortfall of funds, but you can only do so much by yourself. None of this seemed to matter to the folks at J.D. Byrider who made my wife sit and listen to our entire rap sheet of bad credit before she finally had enough and asked if she was approved or not. The answer was not.


What really bothered my wife was the fact that the folks at J.D. Byrider seemed to have no interest in actually helping us get a car despite their online claim of helping good people who need credit and a promise to let their customers buy here and pay here. I guess they did not consider us good people and we both felt that the people we were dealing with had discriminated against us. Maybe they did not like the way we looked or were just having a bad day. Either way, my wife left that place crying and was certain she would not be getting a car that day.

With the knowledge that having a car would allow her to keep her present job or even get a much better one Cathie called me and told me her tale of woe asking if she should still try DriveTime? I was very upset at how she had been treated at J.D. Byrider and told her to give DriveTime a try. In the meantime I called J.D. Byrider and asked to speak to a manager. I was determined to discuss my wifes treatment at their hands. I ended up talking to a salesman who just happened to be the first person to answer the phone. He said that that there was no manager available that day. I tried explaining what happened and assured him that we were not going to take that kind of treatment laying down.

I guess it was no surprise that the salesman kept interrupting me and when I brought that to his attention he said I was funny because in his mind it was I who refused to give him a turn to speak. I tried to do just that, but all he did was say that he was not the one who had dealt with my wife when she was there. He quickly adapted a condescending attitude and showed no interest in apologizing for that happened to my wife even after I made it clear that her visit to their location had been the worst consumer experience of her entire life. Given all this it is no surprise that we left a less than stellar review of J.D. Byrider on Yelp! and emailed that review to the Byrider big wigs.

After my wife arrived at DriveTime she was taken to see the Sales Manager at their Lafayette Road location in Indy. She told him what happened at J.D. Byrider and he was shocked. Everyone at DriveTime went out of their way to calm her and tried their best to help get her through the process and to get her approved. The difference was night and day. DriveTime had a huge selection of cars and really seemed to be interested in helping us. The sales manager even spoke to me on the phone to assure me that he would do his best to help us which made me feel better as well. He did and they were kind enough to wave part of the down payment because she fell short by about one hundred dollars. Before long my wife drove off their lot with a beautiful, clean and well-maintained Saturn.

Our experience at J.D. Byrider certainly reinforced the notion that most of those ads that claim to help people with bad credit or in their case help good people get credit are bogus at best. Their attitude was unbelievable and I cannot imagine that anyone who went through what Catherine had to endure there would be happy about it or leave satisfied that they had made even the smallest effort to help us get approved for a car. By contrast,our experience with DriveTime proved that there are still some really good people out there in the world of Used Cars that honestly care about and try to help their potential customers. If you need a car and live in the Indy area, visit DriveTime on Lafayette, ask for the Sales Manager and tell him that Cathie sent you!

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Laser Blepharoplasty




Blepharoplasty is termed as a type of minor cosmetic plastic surgery which is done for eyelids. This cosmetic mode surgery is to recover from a droopy or puffy eyelid that it involves in removing fatty or baggy skin from the upper and lower eyelids. May people especially women are suffering from getting aged due to droopy eyelids are following to do this surgery at any cost. It is mainly done to remove excess of fat, muscles and wrinkled skin in and around the eye area. When doing Blepharoplasty the excess tissues such as old wrinkle skin and fat are removed from eyelid or the surrounding muscles and fat cells are to be repositioned. Eyelid surgery is equally important and applicable for both upper and lower eyelids. Most common following cosmetic eyelid surgery is for the lower eyelids for any cosmetic reasons. Thus this cosmetic surgery is considered as a functional surgical method to reduce skin wrinkling and eyelid bags.

A blepharoplasty surgeon is an experienced cosmetic surgery specialist who cam makes drastic changes on the facial appearance of a patient. After getting surgical treatment from expert Blepharoplasty Surgeons patients achieve a good result from drooping upper eyelids and get corrected with the puffy bags below the eyes. The surgical modification of the eyelid to a pleasant look is done through the procedure of Blepharoplasty with the help of an expert plastic surgery specialist. As many people who believes that puffy eyelids are a symbol of getting aged and they looking for immediate and easiest ways to treat for these symptoms. One such better option is to do bleplhalopalsty with the help of an expert surgeon.


Botox in Canada is a cosmetic facial treatment to make the face looking smooth and soft from wrinkles and muscle contraction. Botox is the brand name of a toxin which is being produced by the bacterium namely Clostridium botulinum. Due to when causing food poisoning or similar problems the effect of this toxin in large amount may cause botulism and in turn lead to paralysis, scientists etc. Even though the treatment with Botox could help to uncover the problems with uncontrolled blinking and strabismus or called lazy eye. For the treatment of weakening of muscles small amounts of diluted Botox can be directly injected into muscles and the Botox works by blocking nerve signals to the muscles. Botox in Canada treatment is not a permanent solution for wrinkles or skin rashes or muscle contraction, though the use of Botox in the injection form are useful to reduce sweating.

Botox Calgary treatment is considered to be a safest mode of treatment for wrinkles, skin rashes and skin lines. In order to improve appearance of your face and skin and to remove the effects on wrinkles and skin lines Calgary Botox treatment is a secure method that it will not make a single error or mistake on your skin. Getting the right mode of Botox Calgary treatment from an experienced Botox Calgary surgeon will definitely make many changes to the appearance of your face.

blepharoplasty canada

can improve the visible signs of aging around the eyes.

co2 blepharoplasty

is done using CO2 lasers.More details just visit our site.

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Timber Cladding: Transforming Plain Outdoor Spaces

Summertime is a popular time for homeowners to do work that is related to improving and transforming their homes. Although new paint and carpeting are always appreciated on the inside of a house, it’s time you started focusing on the property’s exterior. You may boost the appeal of your property and the price at which it can be resold by making aesthetic adjustments, such as landscaping, or by building extensions, such as a bigger veranda or installing timber cladding.

How to Start Home Transformation with Timber Cladding

The fact that homeowners now live, work, and relax in their own company has caused their homes to undergo transformations. They don’t move from where they are during the day and every day; instead, they use the same area for everything from sleeping to playing.

The journey has shed light on both the positives and negatives associated with your property. Because you now have a better understanding of the situation, you are able to identify the areas of your homes that may need some attention and care.

Timber cladding on the outside of the house and smooth render are two home renovation features that are often sought in today’s designs. Read more to find out ways to transform your home.

Space-Increasing Garden Rooms

The garden has, for a very long time, been a well-liked meeting place for a wide variety of people. As a result of this, more and more individuals are giving greater consideration to the aesthetic appeal of their gardens and front yards. Homeowners are willing to take their landscaping plans farther than just installing burnt wood cladding.

Installing features and furnishings in one’s garden that make it more functional as a living area is becoming an increasingly common practise for those who have adequate space outdoors. A common strategy for increasing the amount of space that may be used for social events is to install timber cladding, covered seating spaces, and even outdoor kitchens.

In addition to that, separate timber cladding garden sheds are becoming more common. In most cases, they are free from code inspections, and the resultant building is ideal for use as a workshop, fitness centre, art studio, or study space.

Using Dimensional Timber for the Covering

A building’s timber cladding acts as a protective covering for the structure as a whole. It protects the walls that support the structure and increases insulation, both of which contribute to a decrease in the amount spent on heating.

Although some homes make use of wood veneer on the outside of the structure in its entirety, others limit its application to certain aspects alone. Moreover, because of its resistance to weather and its ability to keep insects at bay, cedar cladding is often employed in construction.

Intuitive Visualization

Render might simplify the house improvements you have planned for your property. While using this strategy, you do not need to be concerned about merging various architectural periods or harmonising the colours of the bricks.

Render is often a combination of sand, cement, and paint that has been applied to the surface. Other options besides traditional lime render include acrylic and the monocoque material that was just discussed.

Advantages of Using Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is a versatile material that can be fashioned into attractive exteriors for a broad range of different types of structures. Since it can be obtained in a sustainable manner and is designed to endure for a good number of years, timber cladding is an excellent choice for a variety of building projects.


If you are looking for materials that will endure for a long time, timber cladding is an excellent choice. If it is properly placed and maintained, the lifetime of timber cladding may be anywhere from 40 to 60 years or even more.

Added Visual Appeal

Without a doubt, the appearance of a house with wooden siding is quite pleasing to the eye. When utilised in construction, wood lends buildings a more natural appearance, making them easier to fit in with their surroundings. The presence of animals in urban areas helps break up the monotony of city life. Onlookers will inevitably feel envious when they see facades that are adorned with wood cladding. It is not difficult to see why wood cladding is such a popular choice among builders.

Withstand Weather

Timber cladding is capable of withstanding the elements, such as the cold, wind, and rain, provided that it is built and maintained correctly. Defects such as chips or tiny dents may often be masked by the wood’s natural grain, making the marks of age and usage less visible.

Even the most sensitive species may be treated with preservatives to extend their life. While the timber that comes from more harsh regions will naturally be more resistant to the elements, this is not always the case.

Wide Variety

Cladding may be made out of a broad number of different species of wood, so you have plenty of options to choose from depending on your own tastes. There is a species out there that is ideal for your building, and it might be anything from the burnt wood cladding to the Western red cedar from Canada.

What Are The Health Benefits Attributed To Regular Use Of Saunas And Steambaths?

By Adriana J Noton

There are a lot of health benefits attributed to regular use of saunas and steambaths. A room used for hot heat session or dry heat sessions is referred to as a sauna. It has hot, humid temperatures inside which could be more than eighty degrees Celsius. These hot temperatures cause perspiration of the body.

Saunas have undergone tremendous changes in the past years. They were originally underground pits that used firewood to heat them. Their purpose was provision of warmth in winter. Today, solar power, gas or electricity are used to heat them. They come in various types also including smoke saunas, steam saunas and dry saunas.

Baths can be taken using steam. These are called steam baths and they produce water vapor by use of a humidifying steam generator. This vapor is spread to the whole body and this causes perspiration. The temperature in steam baths varies between 43 degrees Celsius and 46 degrees Celsius.

These facilities can be found in places of recreation and homes. Their use is for recreation and therapy. Both cause the body to sweat within a short while.


The mind and body relax when a person uses sauna and steam bath regularly. The spirit is rejuvenated and refreshed by this relaxation. Excessive stress hormones are burned off and thus the mind is cleansed. If used before sleeping, sound and restful sleep is induced.

Their regular use also gives relieve to people with problems related to respiration. The steam gets rid of any allergens and mucus from the lungs. Catching of common colds is also minimized.

There is improvement of joints movement for sufferers of rheumatic disease. This happens because heat is helpful in managing muscular pains. Heat causes reduction of pain in the joints and causes improvement in the healing process.

Circulation of blood improves for athletes and also volumes of red blood cells and plasma improve. The athletes tolerance to exercise thus improves. Functions of those with high blood pressure and congestive heart failure improve. Lifestyle ailments like obesity or diabetes can also be treated using them.

Perspiring is good for skin to be healthy. It opens up pores and washes away dead skin and cells thus detoxifying your skin. Circulation of blood to your skin is increased giving it a healthier glow. This makes your beauty to improve overall.

Steam baths and saunas are supplied by many firms today. They give customers variety to choose from like infrared saunas that use infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat. This heat gets absorbed directly into your body. Insulated outdoor saunas are available too and can be used in the patio. There is also a pre-fab sauna that is ready to use and does not need additional frames or insulation. You can also set up a sauna of your own using sauna heaters and sauna material kits which are also on sale.

There are many more health benefits attributed to regular use of sauna and steambaths. When used regularly, they clear drugs, solvents, heavy metals and organic chemicals from the user’s body. The user becomes healthier as activities of his body organs get stimulated.

About the Author: After a tough workout, enjoy a

relaxing sauna

and burn some additional calories. Saunas are great for your skin and many people use them daily.


are an alternative way to relax.


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The Summer Palace Of Beijing In China}

The Summer Palace of Beijing in China


right-travelThere are numerous interesting places to explore Beijing, the Chinese capital to the extent that it would be a hard task to explore everything just in one trip. However, like any other large city around the world, there are some major historical sites that tourists who travel to China should never miss during their visit to Beijing.

Among the most wonderful monuments of Beijing, the Summer Palace is one of the most distinctive. That is why tourists spending their holidays in China are usually advised to explore this magnificent monument. The Summer Palace was where the Emperors of China spend their summer holidays from the 15th till the 19th century.

Today this once wonderful set of palaces mainly consist of three gardens. The Western is called the Garden of Light and Perfection, the Southern is called the Garden of 10,000 Springs, and the Eastern was named the Garden of Everlasting Spring. This garden still hosts the many of the remaining parts of the palaces. The Summer Palace receive a large number of travelers who tour China.

The most remarkable sections of the Summer Palace of Beijing include the wall maze, nicknamed as the Yellow Flower. This section consists of twists and turns around a pavilion constructed according to the European outlines of architecture and design. This section of the Summer Palace grabs the attention of many tourists who spend their vacations in China, especially children and youngsters.

The West gate of the Eastern Garden, the Garden of Everlasting Spring, is also imposing. Passing through it, guests enjoying their holidays in China, can view the ruins of wonderful carved columns that are beautifully decorated and ornamented. This is in addition to a group of statues of lions.

Generally speaking, a walk in the gardens of the Summer Palace is really romantic and may present a wonderful idea for an afternoon outing. Guests walk in the garden enjoying the wonderful natural scenes and exploring the historical buildings.

The Summer Palace is renowned to be one of the places where tourists enjoying their vacations in China

may learn about the history of the country. This is one of the main reasons why UNESCO included the Summer Palace of Beijing to the list of World Heritage Sites in 1998.

Another remarkable thing to do during a visit to the Summer Palace in Beijing is to explore some of the hills around the complex. For example, there is the Longevity Hill that hosts many wonderful Pagodas and temples. The monuments in this hill includes the Glazed Tile Pagoda, the Tower of Buddha.

Located near the hills, there is the wonderful Kunming Lake that is around 3 kilometers of surface area. The lake is featured with many several bridges, dikes, and gazebos. One of the impressive sections of the Summer Palace is the famous Long Corridor, featured with its richly colored and decorated ceilings and walls. The Long Corridor is among the sections tourists who tour China are often keen to explore.

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The Importance Of Time Management For Students

The Importance of Time Management For Students


Billy Boodoo

This is where good time management skills come into practice. This is a skill that students need to learn. They must take the necessary approaches and apply these strategies in order to be effective and more productive. Having these skills gives students the ability to plan ahead and prioritize upcoming assignments and events. This is an important factor in keeping students organized and avoiding procrastination, which ultimately leads to academic success.


Time management can be very useful in a student’s hectic schedule. It ensures that students are well prepared, organized and focused to mange their daily lives and complete academic assignments on time. It can lead to improved success, however, this is a skill that students have to learn and practice. Students must change their habits in order to have good time management skills. This can only happen if students take the first steps in identifying their problems. Good time management skills stems from the issue of prioritizing one’s time effectively.

This can be done by setting new personal goals and striving to accomplish them with a new and improved attitude in mind. Another bad habit that students need to change is procrastination. Students should learn how to work smart by not working too hard and not retaining anything. Sometimes students need to study for a couple of hours and take a break to clear their minds. It is a good idea to take breaks when feelings of frustration come on. Too much information leads to an information overload that the brain can’t deal with at one time. If students are motivated and disciplined, their time management skills will improve with practice.

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The Importance of Time Management For Students

The Missing Ingredient With Most Transfer Agents


When you are searching for a reliable transfer agent to manage stock transfers, you will likely come up against a few challenges. A transfer agent plays a critical role in managing your stock documents. There are a few factors that must be present to help you get the support that you can depend on. In many cases even when the factors are present there still feels like something is missing.

The Utility of It All

There are quite a few stock transfer agents that can manage your documents well, but most of them lack this one factor. The right agent will offer:

  • The right tools
  • Clear and concise communication
  • A history of outstanding performance
  • Reliability
  • Trust worthy services
  • Attention to detail
  • And the missing link of it all, a commitment to caring about the outcome

Many agents will have a bevy of tools available, many will communicate well, a few will have the right history, but most deliver their services without caring about the success or the support that they offer. For many agents, the entire process feels rather mechanical. The job gets done, but it is so sterile, that when something does go wrong there is not a lot of concern or effort put forth. The missing ingredient in most firms is the level of customer care.

Get the Whole Package

At Colonial Stock Transfer, the commitment to customer care is high. You get all the support services that you need, and they are delivered with an eye on providing the best in customer care as well. You get a complete package of services and you get it from agents that are committed to your success. When you choose Colonial Stock Transfer you are choosing the professionals that care about what they do and take pride in their work.

Astral Travel

The concept of astral travel, or projection, has been observed for many thousands of years, dating all the way back to ancient China and is today frequently associated with New Age beliefs and systems.

Generally, it can be described as the conscious mind or spirit leaving the body, either to travel to distant places, times or different planes of existence altogether. As a rule, the traveller will remain attached to his or her physical body via an umbilical type silver cord and some people can see this cord while travelling.

Regarded as a so called out of body (OBE or OOBE) experience and accessible either awake, during sleep in vivid dreams or through deep meditations, some individuals have a natural ability to achieve astral projection while others are too afraid to consider leaving their physical body and thus never learn how to do this.

There seems to be no real clarity as to whether every physical body has its own astral counterpart or whether projection is the result of a spirit incarnated into a physical body. A third possibility is that its nature depends on something, as yet undefined, entirely different. It does, however, touch on and raise thoughts regarding life and what happens after the physical death of a person.

As it is, there are two major schools of thought regarding its nature. One, the Phasing Model, believes that it is not really possible to actually leave one’s body and that various planes are in fact merely points along the wide spectrum of consciousness. A person projecting is actually phasing into another section of consciousness and varying locations contained therein, a little like a radio being tuned to another station. This point of view can be regarded as a logical follow up of the philosophy stating that all external reality is in fact a state created internally.

In the Mystical Model, the other school of thought (subject of many different belief systems), it is believed that travel does indeed take place outside and away from the body, by a subtle energy body carrying an individuals consciousness away from their physical body.

Either way, travellers will usually find themselves on the so called astral plane, a region appearing real and being comparable to the “other worlds” often described in ancient traditions. Environments experienced here may be anything from apparently natural to abstract, from beautiful to horrifying and from populated to completely void of any kind of “life”. It is possible to travel from one location or realm to another and frequently our physical laws don’t apply, enabling travellers to fly or float. They may also be able to experience visions relating to the past or even the future, as time seems to be as obsolete here as space itself is. How this is possible, or how anything can occur in sequence without time and space being present is another question altogether and no one has as yet been able to answer this, it does seem, however, to function quite well.

The Diversity Of Cobb Cooking}

Submitted by: Stu Haynes

The modern Cobb cooker has been around for less than 10 years, though it is the end result of many years of design and re-design. The concept of Cobb cooking, though not by that name, has been around for many generations. Cobb America simply took an existing technology and improved it in a way that will forever, I think, be the benchmark by which many other things will be judged.

In any sort of cooking, including Cobb cooking, it’s useful if you know what the cooker is capable of. The modern Cobb cooker uses charcoal briquettes as the fuel of choice. Perhaps surprisingly the Cobb requires only 6-8. What is perhaps more surprising is that this minute amount of fuel will bounce the internal temperature of the cooker to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, almost 260 degrees centigrade and keep on cooking for about 3 hours.


The internal workings of the Cobb are really straightforward. There are no moving parts and pretty much everything is made from stainless steel. This means that there is nothing to break or rot, so it requires virtually no maintenance. The fuel well is in the middle of the stove surrounded by a ‘moat’ into which you add water or maybe wine or beer etc. A simple idea, at best, but what an idea! I have no idea whether the good people at Cobb America consciously made the connection between this small but perfectly formed cooker, and commercial cookers that can cost many thousands of dollars, but the effect is the very similar. The very expensive commercial cookers use steam to keep the meat plump and moist. In Cobb cooking the effect is exactly the same! In addition to introducing steam into the cooking heat the moat can be used to steam and boil vegetables. It’s only limited by your imagination.

The grill plate at the top of the unit is the glamorous end. This is where the main ingredients cook. The cooking plate will easily take a 3lb chicken, just under 1.4 kgs. There is also space here for potatoes or other vegetables.

The construction of the Cobb is such that even when the internal temperature rises to maximum, only the lid gets hot. This means that when you are Cobb cooking there is far less danger of burn injuries. The lid, incidentally, has an insulated lifting handle. Do not think of the Cobb as only a ‘use at home’ tool. Nothing could be further from the truth. I like to go camping and I also spend a lot of time on my boat. My own Cobb cooking goes on, home or away.

The diversity of Cobb cooking is legendary. It has been featured by TV chefs on numerous occasions where they have cooked menus from all over the world. As well as being an excellent oven the Cobb is a terrific BBQ. In addition the unit is designed to fry, boil, steam, Wok and it makes a brilliant smoker for meats and fish. There are few limits in Cobb cooking. Believe it or not you can even bake bread in it!

About the Author: Cobb cooking is something I really enjoy. Although thousands have been sold around the world many people have still not seen one, so Cobb cooking has a real ‘wow’ value when it’s seen for the first time. See videos and recipes on my site.


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