What Are The Health Benefits Attributed To Regular Use Of Saunas And Steambaths?

By Adriana J Noton

There are a lot of health benefits attributed to regular use of saunas and steambaths. A room used for hot heat session or dry heat sessions is referred to as a sauna. It has hot, humid temperatures inside which could be more than eighty degrees Celsius. These hot temperatures cause perspiration of the body.

Saunas have undergone tremendous changes in the past years. They were originally underground pits that used firewood to heat them. Their purpose was provision of warmth in winter. Today, solar power, gas or electricity are used to heat them. They come in various types also including smoke saunas, steam saunas and dry saunas.

Baths can be taken using steam. These are called steam baths and they produce water vapor by use of a humidifying steam generator. This vapor is spread to the whole body and this causes perspiration. The temperature in steam baths varies between 43 degrees Celsius and 46 degrees Celsius.

These facilities can be found in places of recreation and homes. Their use is for recreation and therapy. Both cause the body to sweat within a short while.


The mind and body relax when a person uses sauna and steam bath regularly. The spirit is rejuvenated and refreshed by this relaxation. Excessive stress hormones are burned off and thus the mind is cleansed. If used before sleeping, sound and restful sleep is induced.

Their regular use also gives relieve to people with problems related to respiration. The steam gets rid of any allergens and mucus from the lungs. Catching of common colds is also minimized.

There is improvement of joints movement for sufferers of rheumatic disease. This happens because heat is helpful in managing muscular pains. Heat causes reduction of pain in the joints and causes improvement in the healing process.

Circulation of blood improves for athletes and also volumes of red blood cells and plasma improve. The athletes tolerance to exercise thus improves. Functions of those with high blood pressure and congestive heart failure improve. Lifestyle ailments like obesity or diabetes can also be treated using them.

Perspiring is good for skin to be healthy. It opens up pores and washes away dead skin and cells thus detoxifying your skin. Circulation of blood to your skin is increased giving it a healthier glow. This makes your beauty to improve overall.

Steam baths and saunas are supplied by many firms today. They give customers variety to choose from like infrared saunas that use infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat. This heat gets absorbed directly into your body. Insulated outdoor saunas are available too and can be used in the patio. There is also a pre-fab sauna that is ready to use and does not need additional frames or insulation. You can also set up a sauna of your own using sauna heaters and sauna material kits which are also on sale.

There are many more health benefits attributed to regular use of sauna and steambaths. When used regularly, they clear drugs, solvents, heavy metals and organic chemicals from the user’s body. The user becomes healthier as activities of his body organs get stimulated.

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Qualities Of Good Orland Park Dentists

Qualities of Good Orland Park Dentists



Orland Park dentists are known for being accommodating, knowledgeable, skilled, genuinely concerned about their patients oral health, and reasonable when it comes to seeking compensation. With such qualities, patients enjoy caring for their teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. Consider how the qualities of good Orland Park dentists might help you in choosing your dentist.

Good Orland Park dentists are also knowledgeable and skilled. They place a premium on furthering their dental knowledge. They see to it that they are updated on the best procedures and technologies to provide their patients with effective dental solutions. Also, they maintain a competitive level of manual dexterity to deliver successful results.

Aside from being caring and comforting, good Orland Park dentists are also empathic and effective communicators. They feel for their patients concerns and strive to provide honest and straightforward answers. They explain their patients conditions in a plain and concise manner, and clarify whatever inquiries their patients may have.



Orland Park dentists

are also genuinely concerned about their patients oral health. They do not hesitate to seek the help of other dentists when their patients need a second opinion or a procedure that they are not capable of performing. More importantly, they focus on prevention rather than on restoration. Although they perform restorative procedures, they greatly encourage their patients to value prevention of dental problems by helping them maintain a good set of oral health habits.

Finally, good

Orland Park dentists

seek realistic compensation for their services. They do not charge unreasonable prices for simple procedures; nor do they take advantage of the complexity of difficult or tedious procedures by charging too much. Although they are in a business, they equally value their patients resources and wellbeing.

Orland Park IL dentist

offer the best in the city as most of them are trained from nearby prestigious universities. Take time to find a dentist that is accommodating, knowledgeable, skilled, empathic, an effective communicator, genuinely concerned for your oral health, and reasonable when seeking compensation for the services s/he renders. The right dentist will always prioritize your oral health at a reasonable price and treat their patients equal.

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Foods To Avoid With Gout While Dining Out

By Lisa McDowell

Gout is a painful condition that is caused by a build up of uric acid crystals in joints. In most cases, this will happen in the big toe, or between the big toe and the one next to it. The overabundance of this uric acid will crystallize and settle in that joint and be pretty painful. Though gout is mostly a problem that men face, women develop gout on occasion. It is like arthritis in nature, but it can be very easy to treat with the right diet and certain medications. It’s a great idea for anyone with this condition to watch what he or she eats. Knowing what foods to avoid with gout will help greatly when you are eating out in a restaurant.

The foods that seem to irritate those with gout the most are those high in purines. These compounds are found in the human body, and in many different foods making them hard to avoid at times. So, when suffering from gout you need to be careful about the types of foods that you chose. Some of these purines won’t bother a person, but for others it leads to pain, and extreme pain at times. Knowing which foods to pass up can help you avoid the very painful episodes of gout that can leave you feeling incapacitated.

Some of the biggest problems for those with gout seem to come from eating meats and seafood. That is not good news for many, but avoiding these two food groups can help keep the pain down to a minimum. It is suggested that meat consumption be limited to six ounces a day and replacing proteins with eggs, and low fat milk foods as these are low in purines.


Some foods that are high in purines are okay to eat in moderation, for example peas, mushrooms, and beans. You shouldn’t eat huge quantities but you don’t have to limit them as much as you should limit meats and seafood.

Fats too must be limited, and foods fried in oils are never a good idea. Coffee and tea seem to be okay, but alcohol is not. When you add all of this together, eating at home can get complicated, but eating out can be even worse.

When you look through a menu, you may find that you don’t know what to get and what you should skip. The trick is to know what is in a dish, and also, how it is prepared. As someone who suffers with gout you may have to learn how to take the things you’ve learned at home and use them when ordering in a restaurant.

Someone with gout is going to have a hard time choosing something off a menu to eat, though this does depend on where this person is eating. It is always a good idea to ask how a dish is prepared, and ask for modifications to suit your gout friendly style of eating.

Most restaurants these days are very good at altering dishes to help those who might be dieting or who have specific medical conditions. Ask for the leaner varieties of your favorite dishes. Knowing what foods to avoid with gout will make it much easier to choose meals that are tasty to eat without causing you a painful gout flare-up. With the right modifications and knowing which foods to avoid with gout, a meal in a restaurant does not have to lead to pain and discomfort.

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Barley Grass And Its Benefits

Submitted by: Darrell Miller

Barley Grass belongs to a family of grasses called cereal grasses. During the first part of the 20th century, the juice of barley grass was discovered to be rich in vitamins and minerals. The light-green leaves of barley plants are usually called barley grass because they are long and narrow like grass. Barley grass has been cultivated as early as 7000 BC, making this food one of the earliest cultivated foods known to man kind. Barley grass is used as a food source in some parts of Asia and it is available for food supplementation as both a juice and a powder that can be added to foods or taken as tablets or capsules.

Barley grass (5 grams) has more protein and fiber than a serving (114 grams) of raw spinach. Barley grass juice contains antioxidants, enzymes, and other phytochemicals that in vitro neutralize free radicals and other unfriendly chemicals, including pesticides and food preservatives. This grass also contains large amounts of beta carotene, folic acid, calcium, and several B vitamins making it a good source of nutrients. Barley juice also contains nutrients such as vitamins C and E, which are much more potent together than when taken separately. Barley grass is high in iron, all essential amino acids, flavonoids, and a number of minerals. Barley grass may sometimes be rich in vitamin K, which interferes with the action of anticoagulants such as Coumadin (the brand name for warfarin, a drug used to treat and prevent blood clots).

Barley Grass is also naturally rich in copper, potassium, manganese, zinc, and may be beneficial for, various conditions including arthritis, asthma, skin problems, obesity, anemia, constipation, impotence, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and kidney problems. It is often combined with alfalfa, spirulina, or other grain shoots, such as oat grass and wheat grass to make products that are advertised as “total nutrition” or “green” foods. Young barley grass contains concentrated nutrients more so than adult barley grass as well as, live enzymes, protein, vitamins and minerals.


Barley grass is also has very high chlorophyll levels. Chlorophyll has been studied for its potential in stimulating tissue growth and in stimulating red blood cells in connection with oxygen supply. Chlorophyll also removes carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and has been found to reduce fecal, urinary, and body odor. Chlorophyll and other essential nutrients act synergistically in barley grass to detoxify the body from destructive toxins such as heavy metals and pollutants that we digest every day. Chlorophyll is anti-bacterial and can be used inside and outside the body as a healer. Chlorophyll reportedly inhibits the growth of cancer cells under laboratory conditions, but its value in human health has not been well studied.

Barley Grass contains perhaps the most balanced nutrient profile of all green plants. Many of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes present in Barley grass act as powerful antioxidants protecting our body from free radical damage, enhancing our immune system and improving cardiovascular health by reducing oxidative stress on cholesterol and the body as a whole.

Although barley grass clearly contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body, the health benefits of these substances have not been subject to in-depth clinical studies. The nutrient concentration in barley grass products varies with the conditions under which the plant is grown. Like other natural supplements, commercial barley grass is not standardized; therefore, different crops contain varying amounts of nutrients.

Although not substantiated, sources have claimed that barley grass is good for the following conditions: skin diseases, hepatitis, asthma, anemia, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity to name a few. There are no known side effects attributed to the consumption of barley grass. Finally, after years of research on over 200 types of plants, including fruits, vegetables, grasses, and herbs, scientists have found that young barley grass is one of the most nutritionally balanced foods in nature. Have you had your barley grass today?

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