Forex Trading Androids

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According to the latest statistics more and more people are surfing the net using their mobile devices. This trend is expected to accelerate further in the near term and eventually render the desk tops useless. This has given rise to the development of various android applications for all sorts of purposes from entertainment to serious business including forex. Forex trading androids would definitely be a welcome development to all forex traders who by necessity must have access to trading information and data at all times and where ever they may be.

The foreign currency market is a fast paced, round-the-clock market place that keeps traders on their toes 24 hours a day. Opportunities to make profits may pop up any time of the day or night. The need to adjust positions due to some sudden unexpected market development must be attended without delay when ever they do occur. Access to vital after-market financial news and developments is vital to making decisive trading decisions and must be had at all times. These are some of the sticky situations a forex trader can find himself in after he steps out of his office or away from his desktop. This is where forex trading androids can prove to be their dearest companion.

Forex trading androids are mobile applications for Droid smart phones. There are now android applications that allow you to connect to the trading platform on your pc. 4 There are also forex chart androids that support the real time feed of more than 30 currency pairs. Currently, a number of forex brokers have converted their trading platforms into androids for mobile devices so traders can execute trades using their phones or other mobile devices. Major financial news networks already have their own android applications and they are all available for download from the android market.


The latest buzz circling various forex forums today is the existence of Forex Android a forex trading system currently undergoing a massive Beta test among a select group of traders. Accordingly, the trading system is proving to be effective in giving profitable trade signals that it is leaving even the most skeptical trader in amazement after only one week of use. The talk is that the android is presently being used and tested by a group of money managers who have so far been amazed themselves by the android s performance. A forex trading android that will automatically generate profits on my smart phone that will be super! There is a working link to the Forex Android website but all you get to see there in the intro page is a declaration that the Forex Android will automatically tell you what to trade and when to get out. There are no details about the application and the website is for members only. To get in, you need to be a member, and to be a member you need to sign up for a subscription. A full one year membership will cost you $500 or you can choose their monthly scheme which is $99 per month.

And what will you get from them?

A New trade every 24 hours, and includes Critical Stop loss & money management details

Well, it would not be wise to part with your money for something which you have no way of knowing whether it can really deliver or not. For now, it will be wise to just wait until there is more transparency from the developers of this application.

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