Surgeon Simulator: The Funny Surgery Game}

Submitted by: Kevin Kutlesa

Doctor, nurse and any other of medicine-oriented games exist in the world, and most of them take a very serious, almost austere approach to this profession (or calling depending on whom you ask) and only give you a glimpse of what its like to be one of the men and women responsible for keeping us healthy, more often than not focusing much more on their personal lives instead of what happens on the operating theatre.

Surgeon Simulator flips all of those previous ideas on their heads. You are a surgeon, but unlike those boastful proud God-complex doctors you see on TV or other surgery games, this one is silent. Hes not there to talk to you, doesnt have girl/boyfriend issues and for all you know his life is extremely simple. Hes there to do his jobwith varying degrees of success.

You never see beyond the operating table and tools at your disposal, theres no exploration, nothing to discover. You are a surgeon, and thats all youre going to be doingagain, with questionable levels of success.


Lastly, youll spend your entire time doing something doctors on other surgery games (and other entertainment media) never do while operating: laugh. The best thing Surgeon Simulator does is take the seriousness out of the equation. Hell, it throws it out the window. This is not a game for the precise removal and transplant of organs. No, this is a game where youll fumble about with uncooperative controls, causing you to tip tools over, cut where you shouldnt, crack more ribs than you have to, leave your watch, pen and even scalpel inside the patient and so much more. At the end, your patient will survivethough depending on your skill, he might be carrying some extra baggage and not the emotional kind, but the one thatll get him flagged in every airport for the rest of his life.

When I first heard of this game I have to admit I didnt really understand it and you probably wont either, because were all accustomed to the serious and respectful approach to medicine, watching surgeons perform miracles in front of our eyes and quite frequently very far from our control. But then, as I laughed watching people fumble about playing the game, it finally dawned on me that this was the whole point.

Surgeon Simulator isnt a game for you to accurately perform open-heart transplant, its for you to mess about with a human body. If you manage to succeed, good for you, but the point of the game isnt the end, its not accomplishing the objective, its the journey, the minutes and hours youll spend laughing while poking, prodding, cutting and ripping things in your patients body. The less you care about being precise, the more the game will make you laugh. Why would you precisely spread ribs when you can take a hammer and rip them apart?

If all of this sounds appealing to you, then click here for the Surgeon Simulator unblocked download, right here on Rocky Bytes.

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How A Dentist In Pleasantville Fixes A Cracked Tooth

byAlma Abell

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, you probably feel stressed about the way your smile will looks. However, there is no need to be stressed, since your Dentist in Pleasantville can repair the chipped tooth. The amount of time it takes to repair it will depend on the nature and level of the damage. Here is a detailed analysis of how your dentists will repair different types of chipped teeth.

Minor Cracks/ Chips


If you have very minor cracks in your tooth, the dentist will probably not do much to repair it. He or she will only polish the teeth and ensure that the surface is uniform. For minor cracks, your dentist may use a small amount of composite material to fill in the cracked areas and then polish the tooth.

Severe Cracks/Chips

If you have a severe crack in your tooth, your General Dentistry in Pleasantville will first fill the crack with a composite material. Where the crack is very severe, the dentist will examine the cracks and chips to determine whether the root or the surrounding tissues has been damaged. If the root is damaged, he will perform a root canal treatment on the tooth. He may also have to place a dental crown on the tooth to prevent the crack from causing further damage.

What Causes Cracks in a Tooth?

There are many causes of cracked teeth. Some of the most common include falls or other mishaps, biting on hard things or decay. If the chip or crack is caused by decay, your Dentist in Pleasantville will examine the other teeth to determine if they are affected. In most cases, the decayed area of the tooth is removed and filled. Crowns are then placed over them to maintain a glowing smile. If the decay has damaged the root of your tooth, then the doctors will perform a root canal treatment and crown the tooth to repair the problem.

Even though having a cracked or chipped tooth is quite distressing, your Dentist in Pleasantville can help you repair it easily. However, it is essential to contact him or her right way and book the next appointment available. For more information visit Absecon Dental

Wellness Terminology: To Discuss Better With Physicians}

Wellness Terminology: To Discuss Better With Physicians


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T Shirts With Screen Print In Olathe Are Good Options For Advertising

byAlma Abell

One of the most important things to the success of any business is advertising. If you own a small business, you probably are aware of how crucial it is to make sure your business is known to potential customers. While there are a number of ways to help you in advertising your business, one way that many business owners have good success with is using t-shirts with Screen Print in Olathe.

A t-shirt with a screen print can be an excellent way to draw attention to your business by wearing a design, which draws attention to the business. Most t-shirt businesses will be able to help you in creating the best design for your needs. While most designs may only revolve around the company’s logo or other artwork, some other shirts may be designed with additional information, such as special deals and more.

Many times, you can use t-shirts with Screen Print in Olathe as uniforms for your employees. This provides a great way to make sure the name of your business is well known to the customers you currently have.

Another good option is to hand shirts out for free to your customers. By doing this you will be able to have free advertising whenever the customer wears the shirt. If you spend time and make sure the design you have printed on your t-shirts is fun, unique or attractive the shirts will draw attention and you will reach more potential customers.

Since you will have many things to consider when designing and ordering your shirts, it is helpful to deal with a company who has experienced with these matters. A company, like House of Apparel can often be a good choice for this task. The professionals have experience in designing t-shirts for all types of companies. They can often help you decide what will work best for your needs by giving you ideas and options to consider.

Advertising your business is the best way to attract new customers. By using t-shirts with your logo or other company information imprinted on them, you will often find you have a great way to obtain a great deal of advertising with just one shirt.

Plastic Netting}

Plastic netting


Teres DifeoPlastic material finds a plethora of uses in industry, retail and domestic applications. Being tough, water and corrosion resistant, plastic is a good packaging material. Being lightweight, it reduces transportation costs considerably and has a good shelf-impact when placed on supermarket shelves. It can be designed or molded in many different ways, with various attractive colors, textures and finishes. Plastics netting is extensively used to provide barriers, fences and protection in animal husbandry, poultry, horticultural and gardening applications. Keeping fruits and vegetables fresh in plastic pouches is now a very common application for plastics netting since the open structure enhances the ripening and freshness of produce. Wherever ventilation, flexibility and lightweight qualities are required, then plastic netting is the right solution.

Available in high and low density plastic and plastic compounds, PVC, polyethylene etc, in a huge variety of colors and extrusions, plastic netting has high storage capability and does not occupy much space when not in use. It does not trap water or retain it, so the products inside remain dry. The flexible nature of plastic ensures a good fit and coverage.

Plastic netting has several uses.


Support and reinforcement: plastics netting provides additional support and reinforcement to products like bedding and mattresses, building products, garden turf rolls, consumer products like diapers, eco-friendly building requirements etc.

Safety and protection: Protective netting is used extensively in fish and marine culture, gas cylinder protection, poultry and dairy, tree and forest cultivation, meat packaging, automotive parts packaging, oil/gas pipeline protection etc.

Lamination: Similar to providing support and reinforcement, lamination of products with plastic ensures that they become more durable and resist damage by corrosion, impact and water. Hygiene products, medical and consumer products, building materials, furnishing, wipes and scrubs etc are manufactured using this process.

Separation: Using hard plastic as separators is very cost-effective, as it requires very little maintenance, is lightweight and does not rust, corrode or cause injury to humans, animals and birds. Since air and liquids can pass easily through the netting this makes it ideal for use as separators in zoos, veterinary facilities and bird conservation areas.

Grasp or grip: Plastic netting can also be used to provide good grip for delicate articles, protect them from breakage or slippage. They can also provide lightweight scaffolding in building or construction applications.

Manufacturers also offer customized solutions like use of plastic netting in insect repellent or fragrance sample pads, pharmaceutical industries where it is very useful for its non-reactive properties, fire-resistant applications and its ability of being biodegradable without leaving any harmful traces. Support and reinforcement: plastics netting provides additional support and reinforcement to products like bedding and mattresses, building products, garden turf rolls, consumer products like diapers, eco-friendly building requirements etc.It does not trap water or retain it, so the products inside remain dry. The flexible nature of plastic ensures a good fit and coverage.

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