The Summer Palace Of Beijing In China}

The Summer Palace of Beijing in China


right-travelThere are numerous interesting places to explore Beijing, the Chinese capital to the extent that it would be a hard task to explore everything just in one trip. However, like any other large city around the world, there are some major historical sites that tourists who travel to China should never miss during their visit to Beijing.

Among the most wonderful monuments of Beijing, the Summer Palace is one of the most distinctive. That is why tourists spending their holidays in China are usually advised to explore this magnificent monument. The Summer Palace was where the Emperors of China spend their summer holidays from the 15th till the 19th century.

Today this once wonderful set of palaces mainly consist of three gardens. The Western is called the Garden of Light and Perfection, the Southern is called the Garden of 10,000 Springs, and the Eastern was named the Garden of Everlasting Spring. This garden still hosts the many of the remaining parts of the palaces. The Summer Palace receive a large number of travelers who tour China.

The most remarkable sections of the Summer Palace of Beijing include the wall maze, nicknamed as the Yellow Flower. This section consists of twists and turns around a pavilion constructed according to the European outlines of architecture and design. This section of the Summer Palace grabs the attention of many tourists who spend their vacations in China, especially children and youngsters.

The West gate of the Eastern Garden, the Garden of Everlasting Spring, is also imposing. Passing through it, guests enjoying their holidays in China, can view the ruins of wonderful carved columns that are beautifully decorated and ornamented. This is in addition to a group of statues of lions.

Generally speaking, a walk in the gardens of the Summer Palace is really romantic and may present a wonderful idea for an afternoon outing. Guests walk in the garden enjoying the wonderful natural scenes and exploring the historical buildings.

The Summer Palace is renowned to be one of the places where tourists enjoying their vacations in China

may learn about the history of the country. This is one of the main reasons why UNESCO included the Summer Palace of Beijing to the list of World Heritage Sites in 1998.

Another remarkable thing to do during a visit to the Summer Palace in Beijing is to explore some of the hills around the complex. For example, there is the Longevity Hill that hosts many wonderful Pagodas and temples. The monuments in this hill includes the Glazed Tile Pagoda, the Tower of Buddha.

Located near the hills, there is the wonderful Kunming Lake that is around 3 kilometers of surface area. The lake is featured with many several bridges, dikes, and gazebos. One of the impressive sections of the Summer Palace is the famous Long Corridor, featured with its richly colored and decorated ceilings and walls. The Long Corridor is among the sections tourists who tour China are often keen to explore.

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