How To Seduce A Woman Some Arousing Tips For Guys

Submitted by: Tristan Lee

Are you bad when it comes down to seducing women? Perhaps you know how to approach her and talk to her already. But when the date nearly comes to an end, you don t know how to close the date with sexual techniques. Instead, the date just ends with a big hug and a kiss, and as a guy, we want more than just that.

When seducing a woman, the first thing you need to do get her is in a quiet place where it s just the two of you. This will help you a lot as it gets rid of any distractions. You want to be in an area where you can build as much sexual tension as possible.

The next step is to build anticipation. Anticipation is the feeling where you don t know what s going to happen next but you’re excited for it to happen. Women love the feeling of anticipation and not knowing what is going to happen next. Start off by taking these slow… When she s at your place, make sure you already have a romantic setting played out like some soft music and some candle lit. Show her around the place; maybe you have some interesting pictures of your past that you d like to share. Tell her to sit down on the couch and as you make her something to drink like a glass of wine or something to eat like exotic fruits.


Once you’ve done that, proceed to do a fun activity with her like watching a movie or playing a game with her. “Truth or Dare Jenga” is always fun game to start the night off by asking each other naughty questions. As you get into the game and she picks truth, ask her “So what’s the meanest thing you’ve done recently?” Women are not as “nice” as they may seem so she may giggle a little bit. If she picks dare, say “I dare you to kiss me” and see see if she goes through with the game. Create as much sexual tension as you can with the questions, but have fun with it at the same time.

If you haven’t done so yet, your next object is to kiss her. Kissing her will be a lot easier if you have been physical with her, as this establishes that she’s okay with you touching her, and will be likely to open for a kiss from you. There are many ways to get physical with her; find a way like casually putting your arm around her and massaging the back of her head. The key is to not force anything and stay relaxed.

By the time you guys are cuddling, she’ll feel a wave of emotions inside of her rising, and so will you. Landing an awesome kiss will blow her out and get her really aroused but you have to be patient. Wait for the right time to kiss. For example, you guys might be talking about something very emotional and deep. Gently start to stroke her hair and look at her in the eyes. If she stays in position, she s ready to be kissed. Lean in and softly kiss her on the lips. If you have built enough anticipation for the kiss, she may get really excited and start making out with you.

Once you guys are making out, tell her that you d like to make out in a more private area. Take her by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. Continue to delicately touch and kiss her. Make sure all the lights are dimmed and prepare yourself for long, steamy night. Good luck.

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