Medical Tourism: Advantages Of Offshore Health Care

By Christine Macguire

Medical Tourism can be defined as the provision for patients to travel offshore in search of faster, cost-effective and safer medical and surgical procedures. A combination of various different factors have led many people from industrialized countries to migrate in order to get high quality medical treatment. The various reasons are the cost issues, ease and affordability of international travel, long frustrating queues in many nations and above all improving technology standards of health care in many countries of the world. Both the health sector and the tourism industry help to facilitate the process in these countries.

The concept of medical tourism actually traces back to ancient Greece, where pilgrims and patients from all over the Mediterranean came to the sanctuary of healing god, Asklepios, at Epidaurus. In the 18th century the wealthy Europeans from Germany traveled to the Mediterranean spas. The 21st century has taken the medical tourism industry beyond the wealthy and the desperate providing low cost treatment and transportation services. The leisure, fun and relaxation together with health care attached to it have made medical tourism a common form of vacation.


Medical tourism presents an opportunity for hospitals to tap the potential of the international healthcare market and eventually leverage their business. The advancement of medical technology, increased transportation facilities and necessity of immediate quality healthcare has encouraged the healthcare providers to go global. Medical tourists travel great distances to seek world-class doctors and hospitals. The healthcare providers worldwide are investing to acquire the cutting edge technology and venture into the areas of latest medical research. They even provide lucrative non-medical services such as hospitality services, spa facilities, and pick-up services to facilitate the stay and treatment of their international clientele.

One major reason that medical tourism is attractive to many people is that it offers medical treatments at a comparatively low cost. Moreover the public healthcare systems in developed countries are very much overburdened and traveling to foreign land for immediate treatment is often a solution to the problem. Medical tourism is popular and generally accepted because it provides the patients with medical assistance accompanied by five-star treatment and exclusive vacations. Thailand and India are among the emerging popular spots for medical tourism. The Government of India has successfully exerted its leadership to assist in the development of the medical tourism industry in the country.

India is one of the leading players in the medical tourism industry today. Cosmetic surgery and dental treatments is usually what the medical tourists have been looking for, but recent studies reveal even eye surgery, kidney dialysis and organ transplantation are among the most common procedures sought by medical vacationers. In particular, India excels in open-heart surgery, pediatric heart surgery, bone marrow transplants and cancer therapy. Indian hospitals are equipped with the latest electronic and medical diagnostic equipment. Indian pharmaceuticals meet the stringent requirements of U.S. Food and Drug Administration and even qualify for the American standards for quality of care.

The medical tourism in India has become one of the booming business sectors. Marketing ones facilities with informative websites outlining the transparent pricing schemes and availability of latest medical accoutrements are the trend of the day. As more and more patients from affluent nations look for effective options in India, the medical tourism industry has been expanding at a fast pace. Developments will of course lead to various other economic activities where the main element will always remain quality.

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Proper Care From A Chiropractic Doctor Specialist Can Decrease Health Care Costs

Proper Care from a Chiropractic Doctor Specialist Can Decrease Health Care Costs



Prescription medicines are increasingly becoming progressively more expensive, and few of us can afford the sourcing cost of surgery – and the possible unwanted side effects from either is often terrifying. Quite a few long-term disorders require that people visit a medical professional frequently, and that\’s another cost many of people can ill afford. Chiropractic care, alternatively is an all natural and a much safer way of healing numerous of our modern day ailments. There is certainly simply no getting around that well being care costs are through the ceiling. That said even so, it is not as if we may simply not observe and look help for whatever ails us as people and to do thus in a quick method before the circumstance gets worse and cost us lots more hard earned cash or we also pay with our lives. We do have options though, and the normal and much more cost effective technique is exactly how lots of individuals are going these days in order to efficiently handle their health and wellness issues and Chiropractic consideration is one means that a lot of even more individuals are deciding to go these days. In the past, chiropractic medicine was considered a hoax and a pseudoscience, and the medical profession did not take it very seriously. Having said that, it has actually since been regarded a very important part of the general health care and wellness of patients as it benefits to renew the body and to normally cure specific health and wellness disorders of the body.


The chiropractor functions by understanding the link in between one\’s body functions as well as the musculoskeletal technique; manipulating the physique to create a healthy impact on various physical functions. Significantly of your chiropractor\’s job entails manipulations in the spine and spinal column. Nevertheless it also takes general physical fitness into account, which means your chiropractor might have you do some exercise routines which will be advantageous to your complete health. Certainly not just are their procedures very effective, their prices to implement these techniques are also remarkably economical also.

One of the most usual wellness problem in the Us is back pain; with approx. eighty per cent of individuals having it at some time of their lives and a tremendous fifty billion dollars being spent by patients searching for trying to get some relief from this variety soreness. That amount, combined with the moment dropped from work, its unfavorable influence is substantial.

Since the cost of traditional healthcare has turn into so outrageous, progressively more insurance businesses are looking at chiropractic medical alternatives as a technique to cut down overall medical expenses. Analysis has in fact revealed that those persons that have indeed chosen to go the chiropractic direction in order to cope with their back distress have actually had considerably far better outcomes both on the brief phrase as well as on the long term and it has actually also cost them substantially less to obtain the relief they have been seeking from their general practitioners for so many years. These investigations have indeed aided these insurance companies to make their choices to deal with chiropractic care for conditions such as acute low back agony along with certain accidents sustained by some professionals. You may really right now obtain chiropractic coverage through Medicaid along with Medicare.

Classic medicine frequently involves healing and curing illness; medicines and surgeries to \”fix\” our problems. Meanwhile, the prescription medication corporations are raking in billions from our illnesses. However chiropractic medicine offers a different focus; while they do deal with pain and illness, their particular purpose is to prevent it from taking place to begin with.

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Significance Of Digital Transformation In Healthcare

The outburst of COVID-19 is quickly moving, and some changes we notice even nowadays. Numerous health systems are converting to virtual care capacities for holding the outbreak of a deadly virus and survive somehow. Thinking about the current situation with the global health crisis, digital technologies will restructure the care delivery systems drastically in the long and short run. Digital transformation consulting servicesin healthcare ensure new trends in the sector. We might observe the rise of trends like IoT healthcare, mobile healthcare, robotics, VR healthcare, and so on.

Today, the healthcare sector, like any other one, is impacted by digital transformation. It denotes that diverse technological solutions and tools are utilized to optimize the patient experience, formulate new business models, service delivery, and make communication more proficient. Digital transformation consultingis not only about technology but how and for what reason it can be implicated to assist the healthcare field to grow and elevate.

Digital transformation in healthcare will become an exciting step for society as it automates processes, diagnosis, treatment, and better management. The main goal behind digital transformation strategy consulting is to formulate more customer-centred services, and it will be a great significance in healthcare as the treatment of each patient can become more personalized, thus crafting it improvised for the patients.

Core benefits of digital transformation in healthcare

Some people believe that it is the quality of life and not its quantity that matters. Possibly it is true because healthcare experts spot their light on providing accurate and timely care to their patients. Depending upon technology is the only way to do it faster. Technology can preserve lives- it has been proved so, time and again.


Improved services for patients-

Healthcare, like any other sector that makes its footsteps on the path to digital transformation advisory services, is patient-centred. The adoption of several technologies will provide an opportunity to design treatment more personalized. The individual approach is better than going after common suggestions that might not execute in some scenarios.

Better analysis-

The utilization of such technologies as AI furnishes with opportunities to efficiently scrutinize data and much faster than people can do. Also, these technologies reduce errors, thus improvising staff productivity.

Greater organization-

Thanks to cloud computing and other digital tools, all data could be digitalized. It permits fast access to medical records that provide the doctors with an opportunity to create decisions efficiently and furnish with more profound treatment. Besides, wearable devices could notify both doctors and patients in emergency cases automatically calling the ambulance.

Improvised time management-

The adoption of diverse business transformation consulting services into the healthcare field saves ample valuable time. This way, several lives could be saved when we endure, for example, a 24/7 connection with medical staff.

Better environment for doctors-

The technologies ensure access to a huge amount of data; they offer greater communication and could furnish with vital information for the research. More profound research that doctors could make outcomes in greater treatment and heads us to the first benefit in our record, improved services for the patients.

So, nowadays, digital healthcare technology endorses various changes in society and the healthcare field in specific. Some of the most famous technologies that are utilized for enhancing the medical facilities and the industry, in general, are artificial intelligence, cloud computing, augmented reality, IoT, Blockchain technology, and so on.

The eHealthcare field is only ensuring the first steps into the pathway of digital transformation. Some countries outrace others, but still, we cannot call this occurrence a global one. But thanks to obtainable digital transformation consultingfor healthcare that is continuously upgrading and enhancing, we might experience a new scenario in healthcare in the upcoming years, almost flawless and more efficient. Organizations and medical facilities should consider the right strategy to utilize obtainable software solutions to make this world a better place.

Healthcare organizations from around the globe are converting digital technologies into strategic benefits. A few of the ambitious ones are linking digital IT and legacy by indulging in difficult systems transformations. They are executing their experiments to craft the best of data and escalate the pace of R&D. At the rate digital transformation consulting servicesare moving now, we can assume rightly that the patient will be sitting in the driver’s seat soon enough, and they incline to acquire the best treatment at minimized costs, thereby improving life expectancy as well.

Colon Cancer Is Caused By Two Genes

Colon Cancer Is Caused By Two Genes


Groshan Fabiola

After researchers discovered another colon cancer gene, the second so far, they concluded that they have found the causes of over 90 percent of the disease in its inherited form.


Every year 156,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer and six of those cases are caused by those two genes together. In the same time, around 30 percent of non inherited cases are caused by these two genes of colon cancer. It is expected that in the near future researchers will come out with some new tests to identify the presence of these genes in an individual and if either one of these is found, doctors can do tumor checks more frequently permitting them to discover them earlier while they can still be surgically removed. With this new knowledge it is assumed that over 90 percent of all that cases caused by inherited colon cancer can be evoited. Researchers are confident that this new discovery will lead to new anticancer drugs in a very short time period, a period of two to five years. The genes are found on different chromosomes, but both of them act almost in the same way, being just like a guardian checking every new piece of synthesized DNA to make sure that no mutations appeared. But, if one of these genes is corrupted the new synthesized DNA pieces will be altered really bad and you will develop cancer as a result. Usually inherited cancer appears at the age of 50. Thanks to these new discoveries new screening tests will be available for the general population. Most specialists agree that this is a huge step for the medical science resulting in the saving of countless lives and a great cost reduction in the medical system. One of these genes is present in about 1 every 200 people all around the world making it the number one genetic defect. Screening will save a huge amount of lives but researchers already raise economic concerns regarding the medical health care; it may be possible that future agencies will deny the right to a health insurance just on the reason that a client presents a higher risk because he has one of these genes.

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Colon Cancer Is Caused By Two Genes

Digital Technologies Driving Healthcare Industry In 2020

The healthcare industry is expected to reach $280 billion in upcoming years.

2020 will be an essential year for the health industry. When it is about digital health trends, law, artificial intelligence, telemedicine is used to solve the biggest challenges of our age.

Here is a list of the major trends you should know about digital health technologies in 2020:

Most essential digital health trend is MDR:

MDR i.e., Medical Device Regulation, will transform the entire admin scene in the EU. This is going to create an immense impact on mobile app development companies.

The MDR came in order in 2017 and implemented from May 26, 2020.

From that date, every new gadget should have promoted, sold, or appropriated in the European market and need to be confirmed. Strategize successfully and keep your health tech data secure, which guarantees you have great partners.

Health systems with telemedicine:

2020 is going to be the year of telemedicine as it is now mainstream in the healthcare industry. Personal health investment is booming at all lengths, prolonging the healthcare development circuit.

Almost every app and gadget is enabling healthcare application development companies to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients remotely.

It has real-time monitoring of ECG, GP consultation, and robots for doing surgery remotely.

Telemedicine is finding applications with monitors that remotely store a patient’s observation.

AI-enhanced technologies mimicking human-based behavior can drive innovation. Healthcare development companies must understand to make maximum use of AI technology to improve healthcare processes that achieve value with improved performance.

Telemedicine provides personalized and urgent care to patients and frees healthcare providers to deal with the higher number of critical cases.

Big Data and Analytics for Patient Care:

In the US, health care spending is highly expensive. Overall spending is $ 3.8 trillion per year.

Patient and patient care have revolutionized the way you think about health care. The analysis of this data provides a way to gain essential insights into medical conditions. At the individual level, data can form the basis for machine learning (AI), which models predict heart attacks.

On a broader scale, it provides an opportunity to transform epidemiology and save lives with mobile health globally.

Medical Artificial Intelligence:

Medical artificial intelligence has grown with big data analytics for diagnosis and care of the patient.

It will range from chatbots to initiate patients for help with emergency conditions for real-time diagnosis of heart attacks with the help of machine learning.

AI-based applications seek to improve and personalize healthcare delivery for individuals.

However, there are various challenges based on legal as well as technical for using the AI in health technology. Medical Data is usually taken in a distinct format and needs to be analyzed under observation in every few hours. This will transform the approach of traditional healthcare through machine learning. They could limit the application of AI in some scenarios where consent is the core of data processing under law.

The concept of creating a mobile app that is based on an anomaly detection system, a machine learning solution that exposes the intrusion of malignant tumors into health monitoring devices (such as MRI scans). Which is capable of intrusion detection? There is no anonymity in health care processes.

Population and its age:

The most prominent hurdle for global healthcare is demographics. Advancement in healthcare leads people to live more. But, the aging population can create a significant burden on healthcare app development firms.

Digital health applications and other digital devices can help leverage digital healthcare technology trends, often in different ways.

However, with increasing age by 2050, one in six people in the world will be over 65 (16%), one in 11 (9%) in 2019. It will open healthcare software development companies to address through Big Data and AI health issues via Healthcare software applications to improve care outcomes for patients in a hospital setting.

mHealth Apps and Wearable devices:

Virtual testing powered by wearable devices and the M-Healthcare smartphone app is expected to reach $ 450 million.

The virtual clinical trial concept is likely to emerge as it allows you to participate in trials of the clinic from your home or any other location.

The emergence of virtual tests helps reduce costs, as well as streamline processes and demonstrate real-world efficacy.

Augmented Reality role in Surgeries:

AR-based headsets and solutions take advantage of 2D images and other patient data and build 3D models of patient anatomy.

AR is a technique that is capable of revolutionizing the efficiency and cost optimization aspects of surgery while improving the error rate due to high accuracy and target detection within the patient’s body in the context of surgical navigation.

Also, the benefits of surgeon comfort, low effort, low wastage, or possibly low cost are parallel to AR’s performance systems.

EHR Blockchain Interoperability:

Blockchain has been a leader in healthcare, helping EHRs (electronic health records) with interoperability.

A significant challenge for doctors, resulting in regulatory non-specialization, poor referral management to specialists, now stays in the patient upon hospitalization and is unreadable in the hospital – all because the care team needs your complete medical history (eg, allergies Item). Access to specific drugs is not required.

Summing up:

Now that we have discussed about the trend of the most recent digital health technologies that will transform the landscape of the healthcare industry in 2020.

The future of healthcare application development companies to create healthcare applications empowered with AI and blockchain.

Look at these health trends shaping the healthcare industry, highlighting the endless possibilities the healthcare industry has to offer with health-based apps.

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