Bring The Beauty Of Outside Indoors!

Submitted by: Alyssa Davis

When decorating your home, it’s important to remember that beautiful spaces don’t necessarily have strict boundaries. If you’ve fallen into a habit of decorating your indoor and outdoor living spaces in distinctly different fashions, perhaps now is the time to try a different approach. In many cases, it’s possible to create interesting looks by using traditional outdoor decor indoors – and vice versa. You can also visually blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces together beautifully by using nature-inspired decor inside your home. If you crave a bit of outdoor beauty in your home, here are some decorating tips to try.

Natural Objects

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to decorate your home, you might not need to look any further than your own backyard. Freshly picked flowers, interesting tree branches, pinecones, dried seedpods and even common weeds can all be used to add a beautiful touch of nature to your home. Of course, when gathering natural objects, it’s important to remember to protect nature while you’re admiring it. Never gather flowers or other natural materials in areas where such activities are strictly forbidden. If you see something in a neighbor’s yard that catches your eye, be sure to ask permission before helping yourself.


Nature-Inspired Wall Art

Even if you don’t have easy access to natural outdoor materials, you can still add a touch of nature to your home. Nature-inspired wall art pieces are a great choice when decorating. In some cases, you might even want to change your wall art pieces as the seasons change. For example, during the fall season, autumn branches metal wall decor can be a good choice. When spring arrives, metal wall art with a floral theme can be used to brighten your walls and welcome the warmer weather. Keep in mind that the walls are one of a room’s most visible features. As such, they are definitely worth decorating.

Colors of Nature

Color is a great tool to use when adding a look of nature to your home. Since color has the ability to set a mood or theme, it can be used quite effectively to simulate the beauty of the great outdoors. For example, the combination of blue walls and sand floors can add the look of the beach to your bathroom. In the bedroom, use a combination of greens, tan and brown to add a garden look. Whether you opt to repaint the walls in a great new shade or simply add a few brightly colored throw pillows to your living room sofa, color can definitely be your best friend when decorating your home.

Involve All the Senses

It’s hard to argue the fact that color and design can be used quite effectively to appeal to one’s visual senses. But what about the other human senses – is it possible to engage them as well in a room’s design? Of course it is. A bouquet of flowers is not only beautiful – it also smells great. To engage the auditory senses, try hanging a small wind chime in an open window. Natural textures in the form of grass wallpaper or natural fiber rugs can be a great way to involve one’s tactile senses. The end result will be a beautiful, natural home that will please all the senses.

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