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Submitted by: Linda E. Joy

Attention: The following spouting is directed at the selfless human, you who have a pet you leave alone for nine hours a day, not to romp happily on acres of woodlands but to stay practically still, tethered as it is to a limiting post or trapped as he or she is within the confines of a cage no bigger, proportionately, than a bathroom is for a human. Have you considered

training your dog

instead of punishing it for your restricted capabilities to own a dog?

You should consider


training your dog

, instead of caging him up. Train him not to flee. Train her not to bark. Lastly train her as you would be trained. The main thing is this: she is really unhappy when you lock the poor mutt in a cage. Just think of your dog (ala George Orwell s animals in Animal Farm) being the owner of your home and you are the pet. Next knock the ceiling off the bathroom and put a chicken wire fencing across the top in its place. After that take away your ability to speak words and take away your hands. So, Mr. Pooch, who is getting ready to set off to the mill for a nine hour shift grabs you by the nape of your neck, your scruff, and leads you into the bathroom, then leaves. There is no music neither are any toys. The floor is hard. (Are you thinking about training your dog, yet?)

The temperature drops. It starts to rain at the same time the wind blows more of itself cold into your nook. It turns dark. Strange sounds, traffic, and smells taunt you. There are some smells that remind you of food. Others make you nervous. Little kids pass by and poke at your little walls. And don t forget that lawnmower which cranks up right by your head. All you can do is walk back and forth in your own poop and howl and yip. (Are you thinking about training your dog, yet?)

Mr. Pooch brought you home because you were a cute pet, but when he left you inside the confines of the main house on the first day, you chewed the hell out of his favorite material belongings. For many unusual innate reasons you have the tendency to gnaw but some how he doesn t get that and didn t think about it (or anything else) when he added you to his possessions of belongings. So you must be beaten. Nonetheless you must be remaindered to a pet prison. Your cuteness has worn off

Wake UP, humans. Training your dog is SIMPLE (as dogs are trainable). Training your dog is not expensive. Training your dog, as well, can be done by someone else, who will coach you the few commands you need as well as the logic of the rewards process you could use so that an animal with natural instincts or needs to chew or bark will be re-trained to chew only select items or to bark only when there is danger.

You really can t take it out on the dog that you do not understand dogs. You definitely need to work out a way of training your dog, understanding that it is a gift to the animal to train it and a punishment to neglect to do so. If yet training your dog is not clearly the message here, then maybe YOU need a few lessons; or just maybe a bit of training! Your sleepless, angry next-door-neighbor will gladly oblige, I m sure.

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